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Folks Are Saying......

Every once in a while a show comes around that really moves you, reaches your heart and soul.  For me, one such show is Voices of the Spirits in My Soul.

Kwame Brathwaite

Caribbean Life

Every once in a while you see a play that makes you feel inspired. It stays with you even after the show is all over....From the moment Ms. Cole first took the stage to the end of the show, I was completely transfixed....The emotional response from the audience was one of the most heartfelt repsonses I have ever seen.

The Campus Lantern

Easteren Connecticut State University

I very much enjoyed your show.  You are a gifted, powerful actor, writer and director.  We are so fortunate to have you as a guest artist-in-residence.

Donna Tirdente

Vice President of Student Affairs

Eastern Connecticut State University

Accompanied by the sound of water, Ms. Cole begins the saga with a spiritual.....that evokes the horrific Middle Passage.......Her voice cuts through the small theatre like a knife.

The Battery Park City Broadsheet

Coretta Scott King and Winnie Mandela emerge as almost-forgotten heroes, reminding us of the pain they and their families faced when their husbands were taken away and how they persevered.

Winston-Salem Journal

National Black Theatre Festival

Voices of the Spirits in My Soul has left audiences and critics alike in awe of the show's power and Cole's acting finesse.

The Chronicle

Winston-Salem, NC


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